Weyerbacher Releasing D’Tango Unchained Today

by theelvee_w2oe3m

We brought you the news about Weyerbacher’s new D’Tango Unchained beer back in April, and now the release is finally here.  The bottles will go on the shelves when the brewery opens at noon today for $14 each and will be distributed throughout the area (and beyond).  D’Tango is Weyerbacher’s Tango beer, a Belgian Strong Ale brewed with cherries, that has been aged in barrels with wild yeast to lend it a funky flavor.  The brewery describes the 9.6% beer’ aroma as “tart cherry, soft vanilla, and oak… along with a subtle hint of banana” and the taste as “tart cherry and lingering malty flavors that finish dry.”

In addition to the bottle release they’ll have Vince’s Cheesesteak truck on hand at 3:30p-7p to serve up food and live music with Public Displays of Rejection from 4p-7p.

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