Review: Thai Thai II

by theelvee_w2oe3m

Even though I heard a lot of negative reviews before entering the establishment, I did my best to go into Thai Thai II with a clear head.  What other people described as a terrible experience with service, despite delicious food, I found to be quite the opposite.

I went to Thai Thai II a little hesitantly, because I had about two hours to sit, order, eat, and be on my merry way.  According to other acquaintances that have dined there that wasn’t usually the case, but I decided to give it a go.  When I entered there were maybe four or five other groups dining, so it wasn’t too crowded.  It took a good bit for me to work through the menu as there were so many choices, almost to the point of there being too many.  A special for that day caught my eye, frog legs, and I decided for my main course I’d go for something a little more traditional in the form or beef with red curry.

Looking around, the decor is modern, yet holds it together with some Thai ties and classy color choices.  The white walls, accented with blue chairs and red napkins works very well.  It’s bright but not overbearing.  A golden buddha greets you as you enter and framed photos of Thailand accent the dining area.  It’s a pretty comforting, non-hustle-bustle atmosphere.  Immediately upon sitting down I was greeted with a glass of water.  Less than a minute after I set my menu down, signaling I had made my choices, my waiter came back and took my order.  As I played around on my phone my water was kept filled throughout, an act always appreciated.

The frog legs were delivered fairly quickly.  I was slightly apprehensive because I never had them before, but figured such an establishment would be the place to do so.  They were done up in a basil sauce with microgreens on the side.  The legs themselves were fine, tender, and cooked thoughfully.  The dish served as just the right amount of food for an appetizer.  Soon after I was done my plate was whisked away and my red curry was delivered.  And then my water was filled.

The red curry was fine yet mediocre.  I ordered medium-spice but regretted it because it wasn’t very spicy at all.  The curry was  thick and milky although some of the veggies were a bit too crunchy or just plain blah.  White rice was served, although I would’ve preferred brown (which cost an extra $3 to sub out, ridiculous).  At least it was done to perfection as so many places in the valley fail to do.  On the upside, there was enough beef for the plate.  That’s always something that bothers me; when there’s not enough of something in a dish.

When all was said and done, Thai Thai II is a nice establishment and a place to have a good meal.  The service was courteous and prompt, however the menu needs revision.  Cutting it in half and fine-tuning the dishes would be a wise choice, however I can’t complain about the quality of the ingredients, just the lack of complexity and proper cooking (most notably in the vegetables.)  I was able to be seated, order, eat, and have my check-in-hand within 40 minutes.  This restaurant is not a must-hit, however for something out of the ordinary or a break from American cuisine it’ll do you just fine.


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william April 13, 2011 - 3:22 pm

very over priced greasy food…..the local chinese/thai place is fine for me….better presentation


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