Review: Dave’s Gelato and Deli

by theelvee_w2oe3m

While I was driving around checking out a few restaurant scoops I happened upon the other, non-Lehigh University location of Dave’s Deli and Gelato so I decided to pop in for an impromptu review.

Dave’s is slightly out of the way, located on Stoke Park Road across the street from Prime Steakhouse. I walked in and immediately enjoyed the atmosphere. Outside of the deli, but inside the building is chairs and a canopy as if you were sitting out on a patio. Walking inside the doors you immediately notice the bright and radiant atmosphere. The white and red checkered decor is remniscent of a cheap picnic table cover, bringing about thoughts of summer.

There’s a load of sandwiches available to order, all made with delicious Boar’s Head deli meat. I opted for a Mountainhawk, a sandwich with chicken breast, bacon, pepperjack, lettuce, onion, and tomato absolutely swimming in hot sauce (and ranch, which I opted out of). The shop also has a great amount of beverages and chips to choose from. Iced teas, juice, regular chips, chipotle, vinegar and salt, big and little bags, it’s all here.

A steady stream of people in and out indicated that their out-of-the-way location didn’t hurt business at all. Once my order was called I went and got my sandwich – there’s no table service here. It was great and filling, perfect for a quick bite on your way to another errand. To top it off I decided to grab a bit of gelato to go.

After waiting an exceedingly long time, (around 5-7 minutes) at the area designated to order gelato, someone finally came and took my order. To her credit she did say that she hadn’t seen me, but still. I grabbed a wild berry and headed out. The wild berry was nice, however seemed to be slightly bland. I’d be interested to try other flavors to see how they compare. The price for everything totaled near $16 which seems pretty steep for a drink, a sandwich, chips, and a gelato. Dave’s is a decent place to stop by if you don’t mind the price. The service is mediocre at best, terribly slow at worst. It’s low key, a little out of the way, and comfy enough to dress down.





Dave’s Gelato

310 Stoke Park Road
Bethlehem, PA 18017
(610) 882-3663


3 West Morton St
Bethlehem, PA 18015
(610) 849-2582

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