Rejoice, For It Is Morel Season

by theelvee_w2oe3m

The El Vee's 2010 combined haul for a day

For the uninformed, morels are fairly pricey (not even close to truffles, but still) mushrooms that evoke a wonderful nutty, earthy taste to your dishes.  And for those in the Lehigh Valley, you can walk around and pick them for free.  There’s tons of websites out there dedicated to them and how/where to find them, but your best bet is just to walk into the woods and start searching.  I’ve discovered a reliable spot around my area that has yielded lots for the past three years, so once you find a spot make sure to remember it.  Also, make sure to read up on false morels and properly cooking them (DO NOT eat them raw).  They usually don’t look quite like regular morels so you should be safe, but it’s better to be aware than not.  So thrown on some long pants (thorns hurt!), grab some bug spray (or if you smoke, cigars keep the bugs away even better), and get picking.  The season usually goes into mid-May so post in the replies with stories/pictures of your morel hunt!  Below are some of our favorite morel recipes: 

Morel Foie Gras

Beef Medallion with Herb Roasted Potatoes, Warm Salad Greens and a Dried Morel Brandy Sauce

Roasted Young Rabbit with Gnocchi and Fricasse of Spring Vegetables, Spinach Puree, and Morel Foam

Grilled Peppered Beef Tenderloin with a Morel Mushroom Cabernet Sauce and Whipped Yukon Gold Potatoes

Grilled Filet Mignon Stuffed with Foie Gras and Morel Sauce

Cream of Morel (using this, you can do a twist on a Glasbern Inn dish and add walnuts and duck confit)

And one that I couldn’t find an online recipe for, take some small crostini, some funky cheese that will play well with earthy flavors, and top it off with a morel paste. 

Happy hunting!

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