Musikfest Picks Day 7, August 11th

by theelvee_w2oe3m

Whitingperforming 12pm to 2pm at Plaza Tropical
So here’s a pretty crazy story. Timmy Whiting, from Philadelphia, was chosen to play the big stage at Bonnaroo. At 13. As part of Costalrise, a Christian band, Whiting earned a rare chance at stardom but was thwarted when he was denied the chance to play because of his age. Now 7 years later, here we are and Whiting has a new band. While his old stuff sounded like typical Jack Johnson-esque singer/songwriter fare, his new material is electro-tinged indie rock that has some hints of LCD Soundsystem.

The Original Crooks and Nanniesperforming at 4pm to 5pm at the TD Community Stage on Air Products Town Square
Lo-fi synth beats combined with singer Madeline Rafter’s sweeping, quirky vocals to produce a fresh sounding combination.

John the Conquerorperforming 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Plaza Tropical
These blues rockers sound more like the kind of soulful jams you’d expect from a group from south of the Mason-Dixon line rather than a trio from Philly.

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