Musikfest Picks Day 3, August 5th

by theelvee_w2oe3m

South Side
Crimson Apple – This all girl rock group from LA via Honolulu tore up Liederplatz yesterday with a great mix of covers and originals.  Their set was originally scheduled for Volksplatz but due to the flooding they’re now taking the stage on the TD Community Stage on Southside at 4pm for an hour-long set.

Dull Blue Lights – Formerly known as The Snails, this energetic band fuses blues and rock for upbeat, make-you-wanna-dance tunes.  They play the Musikfest Cafe at 5:30pm.

North Side
Strange Familia – An excellently poppy, synth-driven music from a duo out of Utah.  Their single “Love/Drugs” has made its way into regular rotation on my playlist.  Their set/location time is TBD as they were originally to play the flooded out Volksplatz.  I’ll update this article and tweet when their new set time is released. Update: They’re playing at Lagerplatz from 5:30pm to 6pm.

The Mysteries – Low-fi, trippy psychedelic rock straight out of the 70s.  Groovy, jammy, and refreshingly different from a lot of the Musikfest rock we’ve been listening to.  They play the Main Street stage at 8:30pm.

Ceramic Animal – Our favorite rockers decked out in suits, this outfit from Doylestown has not only become a Musikfest staple, but a favorite local band of mine.  They hit the stage at Plaza Tropical at 9:30pm.

And here’s the Spotify playlist of all of today’s bands:

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