Musikfest Picks Day 7, August 9th

by theelvee_w2oe3m

South Side
deer scout – Dena Miller, who goes under the deer scout moniker, plays mellow, melodic, dreamy music that she calls “a wistful medication on childhood and memory.”  She plays at 7pm at Lyrikplatz.

North Side
Medusa’s Disco – Not disco by any stretch of the definition, this hard rocking, high-energy psychadelic rock is loud, full throttle, and great.  They play at 3pm on Main Street.

Grandchildren – We caught this band at this year’s SouthSide Arts and Music Festival and they killed it.  They play “orchestral pop,” as they call it, and the chill, indie vibes will make for a good start to the evening.  They play at 3:30pm at Plaza Tropical.

The Dull Blue Lights – Formerly known as The Snails, this energetic Philly band fuses blues and rock for upbeat, make-you-wanna-dance tunes.  They play at 5pm at Liederplatz.

Secret American – These guys have a cool retro rock sound that incorporates a little doo-wop and lo-fi 60s feel into new, fresh sounds.  They play at 6pm at Plaza Tropical.

Evolfo – This soul-driven garage rock group from Brooklyn has a little Doors-like psych rock flavor with organs, horns, and all.  They take the stage at 7:30pm at Plaza Tropical.

La Capitaña – This roaring rock duo from Philly has a heavy, awesome sound a little reminiscent of the Black Keys and the White Stripes. Singer Stef Emery sounds absolutely ferocious and will no doubt be captivating all of the Main Street crowd.  They hit the stage at 8:30pm.

Wild Adriatic – These guys have been in Bethlehem a few times, but I still have yet to catch one of their sets.  Their powerful rock music driven by singer Travis Gray’s soulful voice is a winning combo that’s had them on our playlist rotation for a while.  They play at 9:30pm at Plaza Tropical.

And here’s a playlist for your ears featuring all the bands playing today:

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