Franklin Hill Releasing Bourbon Barrel Aged Wine

by theelvee_w2oe3m

Bourbon barrel age all the things is the new ethos in the booze world (and in the maple syrup world and the coffee world, etc.)  After the beer industry has been snatching up bourbon barrels endlessly the wine industry is getting in on the game.

Wine usually ages in neutral oak barrels, but new charred oak from bourbon manufacturers has been making its way slowly into the wine world.  The concept is a relatively new one, starting around 2014 and growing since then.  Now a local vineyard is getting in on the game, as Franklin Hill is releasing Cask 530 this weekend, a bourbon barrel aged Chambourcin.  The 12% ABV wine utilizes emptied Social Still bourbon barrels and aged the wine in them for over 300 days.

The wine will be available starting this Saturday, February 11th and is available in limited quantities.

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