Weyerbacher Hosting Super Barrel Weekend This Weekend

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This weekend Weyerbacher Brewing in Easton is throwing a hell of a party, all focused on big, barrel-aged beers.  They’ve got ten different special beers they’ll be tapping tonight, Saturday, and Sunday, including some never before seen one-offs.

Tonight is strictly for members of their Jester’s Court club, a paid membership that gets a preview night, special sneak previews and bonuses, and more.  You can find out more about the member benefits and how to join the Jester’s Court here.

On Saturday the Guerrilla Ultima BBQ truck will be there and music will be provided by Skip Monday from 4:30 to 7:30 and on Sunday the Fud Truck will be there to provide eats and members from local band Flowers For Taco will be providing the entertainment from 1pm to 3pm. All of the beers are poured in 4oz and 12oz sizes with no growler fills allowed.  Luckily patrons on Sunday won’t have to worry about beers running out because there’s a designated amount of each brew for each day.  That means get there early on Saturday just in case the allotment for the day kicks later on.  Without further adieu, here’s the list:

First Down – this appears to be a blend of 2015 and 2016 Insanity barleywine, but we can’t exactly tell from the website and Facebook descriptions.

Big Woody – Woodford Reserve Insanity Barleywine.  Usually Insanity is a blend of different barrels, but this is a one-whiskey show.

Extra Point – When Weyerbacher barrel ages their most popular bourbon beers, they only do so for a limited amount of time, unlike places like Goose Island who age their beers for a year or more.  This is Insanity barleywine aged for an entire year in barrels.

Blindside – Insanity barleywine aged for 15 months in barrels that first held vermouth, and then were used to age Dad’s Hat rye, made in Bristol, Pennsylvania.

Flag on the Play – Weyerbacher’s Heresy stout aged for an entire year in barrels.

Halftime Show – This will probably be the best beer on deck.  Last year the world got a taste of Weyerbacher’s stellar Sunday Morning Stout when they released it in bottles for the first time and it was almost unanimously hailed as a world class stout, on par with the likes of KBS and Bourbon County Coffee.  Halftime Show is Sunday Morning Stout, but aged extra long, for a total of 10 months.

QB Sneak – Coconut beers have been all the rage lately, with Oskar Blues introducing Death By Coconut and Goose Island putting out rare versions of Bourbon County infused with it.  This is a blend of 2015 and 2016 Insanity barleywine aged in Buffalo Trace whiskey barrels on top of coconut.  

The Red Zone – This is probably the most interesting thing on the menu for the weekend.  They took their Insanity barleywine and aged it with cinnamon, creating this “Fireball” whiskey version of their classic.

Hail Mary – Weyerbacher’s Blasphemy, a bourbon barrel aged version of their Quad, aged for an extra long 8 months.

The Wildcard – This will be interesting to try as well, because as far as we know they’ve never aged their popular Merry Monks beer in bourbon barrels.  The two should pair well together.

For the full details on this awesome event, head over to the Weyerbacher page here.  See you this weekend!

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