#OpeninLV Snowstorm Weekend 1/22-1/24 2016

by theelvee_w2oe3m

Since nearly everyone with a liquor license is tragically closed during this massive fuckery happening this weekend, we’ve attempted to start somewhat of a movement to get local bars and restaurants in the Lehigh Valley to report in if they’re open or not.  This is something we’ll continue to run throughout the remainder of the winter to try to let people know where they can still get their drink and eat on in their neighborhoods when they don’t want to drink down their personal stash of booze and are out of milkbread.

If you know of somewhere that’s open that’s not on this list hit us up with the hashtag #OpeninLV on Twitter or Facebook, hit the comment section, or email us at theelvee@gmail.com and we’ll add them to the list.

So far we’ve got open:


50 Yard Line Sports Bar/Pizza Como
The Goose
The Joint
Lehigh Pizza (limited delivery, with delivery minimum)
The People’s Kitchen
Roosevelt’s 21

Porter’s Pub

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