Recap: Musikfest Day 2

by theelvee_w2oe3m

We started off our Saturday excited about checking out The Gantry, whose music quickly grabbed our attention when sifting through Musikfest bands this year.  Their Gaslight Anthem-ish sound resonated with us.  It was a little bit of a letdown then that their Saturday set was an acoustic one, on account of their drummer having to attend a wedding, but it was still solid nonetheless.  Lucky for us, they’re playing another show on Thursday, and the bassist assured us that their drummer will be there.

We snagged this extremely tasty smoked brisket sandwich from the Smokin’ Outlaws BBQ truck that’s parked up outside of The Wooden Match.  It was damn tasty and went well with the copious amounts of beer flowing, so we definitely recommend it.  Bonus: inside at The Wooden Match they’re pouring the new Sole Ales Clink, a nice local pale ale that’s perfectly poundable during the hot afternoon hours.
This is from Chick’nCone, one of the odder things being served up at Musikfest this year. They’re a newer food truck that serves up chicken-stuffed waffle cones throughout the area from their bright orange truck.  This one, kick’n ranch, was a bit too sweet and oddly flavored, but we may be back for more to continue taste testing. 

We then checked out the Jubilee Riots, who were playing to a pretty packed tent down at Volksplatz.  They were a bit of a surprise.  We hadn’t realized that these guys are renamed band of the popular Enter the Haggis group and when we got to their set they were in the middle of some very Celtic-inspired songs.  Wanting something of a different flavor at the moment, we skipped their set and went over to the insanely packed Amish Outlaws show at Festplatz
To say this set was packed is a bit of an understatement.  Think more ‘fire hazard crowded’.  While cover bands usually aren’t our preferred entertainment when there’s so many original artists playing, they provided for a pretty entertaining (and sweaty) time and the crowd certainly responded. 

 From there it was off to the SouthSide to see Hank and Cupcakes, a zany duo that reminded us of a bass-heavy Israeli Matt & Kim.  The heavy drum beats and synthpop accompaniment made for a great late-night show and had a pretty good sized crowd of festers rocking long into the night. 

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