Recap: Musikfest Day 1

by theelvee_w2oe3m

Well.  Last night Musikfest kicked off with a hell of a bang with The Flaming Lips, easily one of the most impressive shows that I’ve ever seen and probably has ever graced the main stage at the fest.  For those who haven’t ever seen or heard about their live shows, they’re not just shows, they’re an experience.  Kicking off the set with a mass of confetti shooting of of four cannons and huge balloons sent over the crowd, the whole thing was a spectacle from beginning to end.  But that’s the thing: it’s not just the visuals that make the show.  Taken separately, the music and the theatrics would not be nearly as powerful as they are when melded together by Wayne Coyne and his bandmates.

The combination of spectacle and just raw emotion the band displayed made for a truly magical evening. From the trippy inflatable mushrooms to the giant “FUCK YEAH BETHLEHEM” balloon that was brought on stage, the entire show was just fire from beginning to end. I commend Musikfest for bringing in something different and weird and amazing. The only downside to the show was the unfortunately small crowd that the show drew, leaving the bleacher seats in the back completely empty.  This is why we can’t have nice things, Lehigh Valley.

After that mind-blowing experience, we popped over to the TD Community Stage to check out the Pine Barons set, who didn’t disappoint.  Although they sounded a bit harder live than they did in some of their stuff that we listened to online, they still sounded great and put on two very solid sets that drew a moderately sized crowd.  Check out the insane pictures below of The Flaming Lips and the later shots of the Pine Barons, and check back tomorrow for more recaps and picks for shows to see!


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