Musikfest Picks for Day 8, August 14th

by theelvee_w2oe3m

Plaid Brixxperforming at 4pm at Plaza Tropical
This hard rock and techno infusion has us intrigued if for no other reason it’s so different from most of what we’ve heard from artists at Musikfest this year.  I’m curious how songs like the one below translate into a live performance.

The National Parksperforming at 5pm at Liederplatz
This slightly country-sounding group has a mellow feel with piano, strings, and acoustic guitars coming together behind some great harmonies to make for a chill start to your Friday night.

The Silksperforming at 5pm and 7pm at Main Street
With their album being named “Last American Band,” they had better be damn good.  And they are.  Ranging from moody and bluesy to straight classic rock, these guys are probably going to draw a good crowd on Main Street.

Summer Scoutsperforming at 5:30pm at Plaza Tropical
One of the Lehigh Valley’s most promising new indie bands, this pop rock group has been playing shows all over the Lehigh Valley including a gig at the levitt Pavilion, as well as being featured on Philadelphia’s Radio 104.5 during a new music show at Xfinity Live.

Igor and the Red Elvises performing at 9pm at Levitt Pavilion
If you’ve somehow been to Musikfest and never heard of the Red Elvises, we’ll educate you. They’re Russian surf rockers who are sometimes a little dirty and always insanely lively on stage. If you’ve already seen them before, then you already know you should be hitting this show.

Nalani and Sarina performing at 9pm at Lyrikplatz (inside the Artsquest Center theatre)
This female duo transcends the typical singer/songwriter stereotypes by offering a fuller, more pop-centric sound that won’t have you falling sleep as the night (and the mugs) wear on.

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