Burns Supper at Braveheart

by theelvee_w2oe3m

Perhaps the closest thing you’ll be getting to a proper Burns Supper in the Lehigh Valley this January 25th will be at Braveheart Highland Pub in Hellertown.  Starting January 25th and running through the 28th, Braveheart has cocky leeky soup, haggis with neeps & tatties, corned beef & cabbage, sausaon rolls with mushy peas & mashed potatoes, and Scottish salmon patties on special.

On a side note, it’s a shame no one around here does a traditional Burns Supper with the loads of scotch, reciting of poems, and bagpipes that are common at such events.  It’s a bit surprising, actually, considering the area’s enthusiasm for the Celtic Classic.

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T February 1, 2012 - 10:54 am

I have to agree with your last comment that this celebration / holiday is very quiet around here. Some of your Hibernian organizations around here might have private ones, but no traditional Burns suppers (or at least on a regular annual basis) that have been decently publicized.

Dave February 8, 2012 - 5:43 pm

I have to assume you mean nobody does *public* Burns suppers? At the risk of ‘outing’ an old friend, I know of someone in the Easton/P’burg area who has hosted a private Burns supper every year for the past 14 years, this year being no exception. We never did the salmon patties, but all the rest is in fine order – including a live piper!


The El Vee February 8, 2012 - 7:15 pm

Very true, however it’s unfortunate that there’s not any open to the public around here. If your friend would ever have room for another guest, please shoot me an email!


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