Wrap-Up of Musikfest Day 4

by theelvee_w2oe3m

Yesterday we had an abbreviated day at Musikfest, both owing to fatigue and a mostly (to us, anyways) uninteresting line-up of bands.  We did, however, did some poking around and found a few new additions to the festival that slipped under our radar previously.

We started off double fisting an Aw Shucks corn on the cob and a Hogar Crea shish kabob.  Could life have been any better at that point?  Doubtful. 

We were then off to Volksplatz to see the Amish Outlaws, a ridiculous sounding cover  band from ‘Straight Outta Lancaster’ whose members include Brother Amos Def, Brother Eazy Ezekiel, and Brother Ishmael L Cool J.  Yeah.  Their act was just enough schtick that is wasn’t obnoxious or overbearing and they had something else going for them: they sounded pretty damn good.  After starting out with songs like Kanye’s “Stronger” and Cypress Hill’s “Insane in the Brain,” they quickly scared away a bunch of older farmer-looking types who probably thought this was going to be a country show.  The crowd became a little more interactive (not surprising, considering the demographic) when they covered things like Dexys Midnight Runners “Come On Eileen” and Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life.” 

We then went wandering and found out that in the Sun Inn Courtyard, where the Liederplatz stage is, True Blue Mediterranean and new coffee shop The Joint are both serving up food to patrons in addition to the other official Musikfest vendors.  So if you’re in the mood for hummus, coffee, or grilled cheese, check them out. 

We then stopped down at Zuzu Confections (between Handwerkplatz and Volksplatz) and had a raspberry basil popsicle made by People’s Pops out of NYC.  They also had a bunch of other flavors from People’s Pops, as well as flavors like cucumber lime mint from Passion Fruit Pops out of Highland Park, NJ.  The price was high enough to induce from brain freeze-like pain ($5 at Musikfest, although People’s Pops charges $3.50 for their pops in NYC), but holy hell if it wasn’t the most perfect thing to have on a nice summer evening while walking back to the car.  They’re definitely made with fresh fruit (see: the massive amount of seeds in it) and taste like a flavorbomb of awesome in your face.  So if, like us, you have a hard time paying that much money for a popsicle, we learned you can just head over to Amazon and grab People’s Pops’ recipe book and do up your own.

As we mentioned in our Day 5 Picks post earlier today, we’ll be taking the night off from Festing today but will be back in full force on Wednesday.  Until then, guzzle mugs and party on.



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