Weyerbacher Releases New Brewer’s Select Beer

by theelvee_w2oe3m

Following in the footsteps of Tango, their take on a Belgian cherry-infused holiday beer, Weyerbacher released the next in the Brewer’s Select Series: Uniform.  Available at the brewery as of Saturday, Uniform is a hopped up Roggenbier.  Featuring rye, wheat, and pilsner malts and fermented with a German Hefeweizen yeast, the beer clock in at 7% ABV.  Judging by their description, it’s as hoppy as a traditional IPA but features an extremely complex flavor profile due to the yeast and malts used.

If you missed it on Saturday it should stick around the brewery for a while, however you can only buy cases there.  If you don’t want a case you can keep your eye out at other local establishments.  A couple places around that usually feature the Brewer’s Select Series on draft are the Keystone Pub, Black & Blue, and the Tavern on Liberty.  Abe’s occasionally has bottles as well.

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