Musikfest Picks for Day 5 – Tuesday, August 6th

by theelvee_w2oe3m

Well after a few straight days of testing we’re taking today off to rest and attend to some meetings and personal nonsense.  Fortunately that doesn’t stop us from having some great bands picked out for you to see tonight.  Most of the better bands this evening are playing a little later on, so a good bet would be to head down, walk around and grab some food, then head to the shows.  We’ll be back on Wednesday with more picks, photos, and reviews until Musikfest is over.

South Side

Station – performing from 7pm to 8:30pm at Americaplatz
This band is pretty ridiculous.  If you enjoy 80’s hair metal at all, this is a must-see.  It’s like Poison in their hey-day were time-warped to Musikfest.  Oh yeah, and they’re not a cover band.  All original.

Annalise Emerickperforming from 8pm to 8:40pm at the Martin Guitar Lyrikplatz at the Frank Banko Alehouse Cinemas
This talented singer-songwriter’s folk pop (seems to be a theme this year) music mostly takes a back seat to her thought-provoking lyrics and smooth voice.  Not only is this worth a stop, it’s set in a great venue for her, too.

North Side

Start Making Senseperforming from 9pm to 11pm at Volksplatz
An annual favorite, this Talking Heads cover band always puts on a great show, even if you’re not a David Byrne aficionado.  If you happen to miss them at Musikfest, they’ll be playing another free show on September 26th at Bear Creek.

La Capitanaperforming from 8pm to 9:30pm at Plaza Tropical
Filthy, gritty blues rock.   This Philly duo’s searing guitar riffs and raw vocals are as pure as they come.  And they do a pretty solid cover of AWOLNation’s “Sail,” too.

Also, there a band playing called Bong Hits for Jesus.  We’ll leave it to you to seek them out.

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