Indie Up-and-Comers Merchandise to Play Sportsmen’s Cafe

by theelvee_w2oe3m

Tampa-based indie/punk trio Merchandise will be hitting, of all odd places, the Sportsman’s Café in Allentown on September 11th. 

Fresh off of a pretty glowing review on Pitchfork, the band is touring the US throughout the beginning of October.  No info yet on tickets (our guess: it’ll be a free show) or time (but their website lists it as an ‘early show’).  This might be a cool chance to see an up-and-comer in the indie scene at a tiny bar before they go on to bigger successes so drop on in.  Hell, in a recent interview they were stoked to have 70 people at their show in a storage unit, saying, “there were a ton of fucking people there.”  Spin also recently named them one of the 5 best new artists for June 2012, calling their latest release “a gnarled, neck-breaking effort in which the pop sensibility of the Smiths and Cure made nice with shoegaze textures and krautrock expanse.”  Check out one of their videos below:

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