Does the Wine Glass Make a Difference?

by theelvee_w2oe3m

There’s been tons of debate back and forth over the years whether or not the proper wine glass can enhance the experience of a wine.  Most major critics and wine lovers agree that there are merits to the concept, however a few stalwarts refuse the notion.  Some even find the notion silly enough that one particular wine bar serves all of their wine in mason jars.  A chance to find out your own personal preferences is taking place at Sagra Bistro in Hellertown.  For $110 you’ll get your own set of Riedel (top of the line glasses) wine glasses, dinner, and of course the wine.  A representative from the wine glass company will be leading the discussions to there will be some obvious bias, however it seems like it would be an interesting event for those who want to expand their wine knowledge.

For more information head over to the Riedel Wine Tasting event page at Sagra Bistro’s site.

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Penny February 13, 2011 - 7:20 am

Absolutely… there is a difference!

Have you ever done a taste test? I have… Riedel vs. Waterford vs. glass.
Each glass ‘designed’ for the Bordeaux we were drinking.
What a disparity! A *huge* one at that! Of course, the wine tasted good out of each goblet. And if you didn’t know any better.. that is fine.

But… to actually taste the same wine out of each of the above mentioned… and truly taste the subtleties of flavors… is quite eye opening!

I could go on about the thickness of the goblets or the flow of the wine as it was directed onto your palate… but… the bottom line is… Riedel is hands down… the *best* wine goblet manufacturer of all time!

If you truly want to taste that good bottle of wine you have… there really is no question that the glass you drink it from DOES make a difference!


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