Blackledge Winery Tasting at Sun Inn This Thursday

by theelvee_w2oe3m

Our friends over at Blackledge Winery are hosting two small tastings at the 1758 Sun Inn this Thursday, January 26th at 5:30pm and 7:30pm.

Blackledge is a small, private research winery located in Center Valley whose products are only available at choice locations throughout the area, making this a rare opportunity to sample their libations.  The tasting will include samples of five different meads, wines, and ciders, some of which have sold out and other which aren’t yet for sale.  They include:

Eliza’s 28 – a 7.8%ABV cider based on Eliza Smith’s 1728 recipe in The Compleat Housewife
Penn’s 74 – a 7.4%ABV historic cider based on a 1674 recipe from William Penn’s wife Gulielma
1736 – an early 18th Century dry raspberry wine coming in at 13.8% ABV
Holt’s 95 – a late 18th Century 11.5% ABV dry cyser
1739 Eliza’s Smith Mead – a 12.2%ABV limited release mead (honey wine)

Tastings include light fare from the Tavern at the Sun Inn and are $25 per person.  Reservations can be made by calling the Sun Inn at 610.419.8600.

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