Appetizers for April 14, 2011

by theelvee_w2oe3m

We’re going to jump right into this edition with a mindblowing tidbit.  In the last Appetizer column we mentioned the wine dinner at the Glasbern Inn.  Well the details of what’s being served are out and it’s nothing short of awesome.  Not only is the food of course going to be delicious, but, well, they’re breaking out the big guns on the wine.  The shining star?  Leg of lamb paired with ’86 Mouton Rothschild.  Didn’t believe it when I read it, but holy hell.  To the uninitiated, Mouton Rothschild is a premier cru, the best of the best of Bordeaux.  Regarded by many as the finest wine in the world, this will run you around $700-800 bottle retail, or $900 a bottle at the restaurant.  That they’re serving this at a $95/per person wine dinner is one of the most awesome things I’ve heard of.  Not to say anything bad about the other wines, of course, as there are some gems in there.  Check out the full menu here.  Wow.

The Brew Works is nominated for some of the Philly Beer Scene Awards.  Head over here to vote for them!

The Tavern on Liberty is having a Victory Beer night at 7pm on April 28th.  They’ll be featuring their new Headwaters Pale Ale (awesome warm weather beer), Whirlwind Wit, Hop Devil, and a limited release saison.  There’ll be free t-shirts and other goodies throughout the evening.

Weyerbacher will soon be releasing their next Project IPA batch to determine what their new beer will be.  This will be a dark English IPA and will be out in the last week of April.  It’s codename is Marcia and can be found at Liberty St Tavern, Porter’s Pub, Weyerbacher, and the Keystone Pub.

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