Bourbon, Beer, and Bryson Festival Tomorrow

by theelvee_w2oe3m

If you’re not already committed to something tomorrow, I’ve got something for you to do.  If you are committed to something tomorrow, well then you’ve got an event to cancel.

Tomorrow at Allentown Brew Works they’re kicking off the only Lehigh Valley whiskey event I’ve ever heard of and it’s shaped up to be an awesome event.  For starters, they’ve got Lew Bryson, author of Seen Through A Glass, managing editor over at Malt Advocate, and author of his own series of books about Pennsylvania and New Jersey breweries.  That’s awesome itself.

Next they’ve got bourbon, and lots of it.  Marker’s Mark 46, just release.  My old favorite, Knob Creek.  Some of the best bourbons for their price and for their availability:  Blanton’s, Eagle Rare Single, and Buffalo Trace.  A special treat? A lineup of Four Roses.  Top that off with bourbon beers from Beau Baden, Stoudt’s, Weyerbacher (I smell Insanity and Heresy coming), and Yards, you really, really can’t go wrong by attending this.  Top this all off with bourbon-inspired food, an area to smoke cigars, and a great venue…well I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday.

Tickets are $45, and they’ve got DD tickets for $25.  I’ll be taking photos and notes so please check back on the full report about this event!  For more information head over to The Brew Works website.

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