Blackplate Distillery Proposed for South Bethlehem

by theelvee_w2oe3m

The Morning Call and Lehigh Valley Live spilled the beans tonight that Blackplate Distilling is looking to open a large craft distillery in Bethlehem at 315 Columbia Street, the Lehigh Valley’s 3rd announced distillery with two more in the works.  

The distillery will boast a restaurant and tasting room, although will be larger than Social Still which will be located just blocks away.  Lou Pektor is the developer in charge of the project and Stacie Lampe and Karen Mauer are the owners.  

The distillery has close ties to Weyerbacher brewery, with the Lampe family being intimately involved with the production and administration of the company.  Barbara Lampe serves as the Vice President and Chris Lampe serves as their production manager.  Stacie Lampe, and husband Josh, both run StandingStone Media, who have overseen an extensive branding overhaul for Weyerbacher.

You can check out their website here and follow their Facebook page for more updates.  We’ve been in contact with the developer and Ms. Lampe and will provide more information about the distillery as it becomes available.

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