A Very Special Beer Tapping

by theelvee_w2oe3m

We didn’t want to really tell anyone about this because we’re intent on drinking the entire keg, but are doing so out of the goodness of our hearts. Last year the Bethlehem Brew Works celebrated their 13th anniversary by putting a keg of 2001, then ten year old, framboise lambic on tap. It won a silver medal at the World Beer Championships in 2001 and a bronze at the World Beer Cup in 2008. It was really, really damn delicious.

Well, this Sunday is the Bethlehem Brew Works’ 14th anniversary and they’re pulling out another 10 year old keg, this time of their 2002 Kriek. This beer won a gold medal at the World Beer Championships in 2005. If you frequent the Brew Works at all you’ll know they don’t typically have their lambic on tap or for sale any longer. This is your chance to get some really old, really damn delicious beer. The beer goes on tap at noon and costs $10 for a 10 ounce pour.

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