Wooden Match to Open Wine Bar During Musikfest, Serve Wine On Tap

by theelvee_w2oe3m

The Wooden Match’s Artisan Wine Bar will be opening for the first time during Musikfest.  The menu will be limited throughout the festival until the new spot has its grand opening after the festival.  They will be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings from 4pm to 11pm and available for private parties and corporate events the rest of the week, according to owner Steve DiDonato.

The new wine bar will feature something the Lehigh Valley hasn’t seen much of, if at all: kegged wine.  Why the hell would one keg wine, you ask?  There’s a few reasons, but a few stand out.  Bottles take a lot of space, time, money, and energy to ship.  Bottling and corking wines alone take an extraordinary amount of resources.  Kegging allows for more economical packaging and shipping of wines.  The benefit to the consumer is also a key point.  Ever have a wine at a restaurant you know was sitting out days, uncorked, and tasted like shit?  Wine in the keg is pressurized with inert gas, making sure that it never oxidizes, giving you the same, fresh wine with each pour. 

So, be sure to stop by the new bar during fest and belly up for a cab – on draft.

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