New Dinners at H2O Kitchen

by theelvee_w2oe3m

As we detailed back in November, Chef Jason Hook will be opening up H2O Kitchen later this year.  For a preview of the beautiful old mill that his team is working on converting into a restaurant he’s hosting four tasting dinners from now until March.  The dinners kick off with a craft beer dinner ($95) on February 22nd, 2012 and continue with an ‘American Retro Comfort’ (aka white trash) dinner ($115) on February 29th, a duck tasting  ($95) featuring Jurgieliwicz & Sons ducks ten different ways using ten different parts, and a veggie tasting dinner (price TBD) on March 31st.  To reserve a spot at these dinners call 610-750-1495.  The full menus for each dinner are listed below:


Craft Beer Dinner – February 22nd, 2012

anchovy toast
havarti, dehydrated white anchovy, coqiallage 

kumomoto po’ boy
kimchi, fuji apple pickle, miso mayo
parker “house” roll

sunchoke veloute
chilled + raw

veal tartare, black truffle, meyer lemon
bacon fat espuma

farm egg cavatelli
white bolognese, black garlic, cauliflower
lobster emulsion  

scallop boudin
pork belly, tarbais bean cassoulet, rapini
sauce grenobloise

dry aged wagyu sirloin
braised cheek, black trumpets + salsify, foie gras
burnt onion ash

spiced quince pierogi
brown butter, candied speck, raw milk caramel
goat milk sorbet

American Retro Comfort – February 29th, 2012

kool aid 
huckleberry, bourbon, sweet vermouth, burnt orange

chex mix 
marcona almonds, sesame powder

microwave popcorn
movie theater butter, black truffle

chips & dip
duck fat, salt & vinegar, tempura, ranch

pork rinds
scrapple chicharones, smoked paprika aioli

“green farm eggs & ham”, coddled, watercress, caviar

gruyere cracker “cheesesteak”, spray cheese, shaved wagyu

tater tot
creme fraiche, dehydrated olive, white anchovy

franks + blanket
boudin blanc, brioche, burnt onion mustard

cracker jacks
scallop crudo, buttermilk, yuzu, wasabi tobiko

dr. pepper
bbq  pork belly, white grits, black garlic

fish stick
soft taco, smoked trout brandade, fritos, avocado

onion ring, onion soubise, french onion consomme

rice a roni
risotto, lobster, coconut milk, mascarpone

beer can chicken
12 hr. smoke, slim jim baked bean cassoulet

hot pocket
short rib, foie gras, bone marrow foam

cold pizza
terrine, fresno pepper gel, supreme condiment

tv dinner
meets bento box

jello mold
compressed fruits, marshmallow fluff brulee

pop tart
pop rocks

crack pie
Christina Tosi, malted milk ice cream

Duck Tasting – March 7th, 2012

potted rilette
duck liver + foie gras, brioche, black grape mostarda

duck fat sticky rice, sashimi, ginger-caramel

kimchi kraut, coconut milk “1000 island”, chocolate rye

hearts + tongue
cinnamon gnocchi, black trumpets, parmesan

cauliflower, watercress, smoked caviar

sous vide rare/raw
black truffle, celery root, sesame-soy milk espuma

sausage cassoulet
maine lobster, malt turnip puree, harissa flagoulet

Leg Confit
scallop mousse
cucumber-miso pickle, green apple + yellow curry, jalapeno

dashi brine
toasted barley, swiss chard, red currant-duck bordelaise

Duck Fat
pie dough
meyer lemon tart, blackberry, pine nut gelato

Veggie Tasting – March 21st, 2012

pre-dinner snacks
crostini , butternut squash butter, pickled henshemeji

whipped hummus, meyer lemon, toasted naan bread, red grapes, velancia orange + ricotta salata, parsley

kimchi, honeycrisp apple. radicchio. lavender honey

celery root bisque
roasted seckel pear, black walnuts, white curry

hydroponic greens
pine nut puree, roasted root vegetables, sourdough, pomegranate, white balsamic

adult mac & cheese
imported taleggio, local five year gouda, XXX sharp cheddar, house bread crumbs

family-style dinner
dirty rice, baby bok, smoked tofu, lemongrass

spaghetti squash, amaretto syrup, pumpkin seed oil

pressure cooked polenta, strawberry marinara, pecorino

marble fingerlings,  minced rosemary, black garlic

brussels sprouts, dehydrated blueberries, yuzu ponzu

bread pudding
brioche, toffee + mast brothers chocolate, macerated cherries


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